Sep 24, 2011

Mina - Studio Uno '66

Hey you crumbums. You know I know nothing about music, right? Glacier can attest. A few weeks ago we were in a kitchen listening to the band Orange Juice, and he said "Orange Juice is so good," and I said, "Yeah, it's great," because I thought he was talking about the delicious beverage. I don't know anything about Pink Floyd except that that Dark Side of the Moon record kind of pisses me off and I heard a Syd Barrett song I liked a lot once but I never followed up on it. I only got into Black Flag after college, and by "into" I mean I listen to that album with "Rise Above" on it like once every three months. I listen to Rainer Maria more than I listen to Black Flag, for God's sake. And The Stooges? Without knowing anything, I proclaim "FUCK The Stooges."

I just wanted to go out of the way to say that so that next time someone talks to me and references some artist or song or dude they assume I know about and I just blank out for a little, like I look like I'm about to pass out when you say it, don't worry, it just means I have no idea what the fuck you are talking about. It's not a strike against you, better not be a strike against me, and it might just be a good cue to take a big drink of whatever drink you have in front of you. I like my music like the way I like my coffee: un-canonized and thoroughly clusterfucked.

Anyway! Mina! What a specimen. Through my limited research of this lady she appears to be Italy's Madonna, except she's been around since the Sixties, and she has a much better voice. This is the only record of hers I have, and I only got it after years of listening to "Se Telefonando" on youtube and not being able to find the record online for free. No song on this record gets close to that one song, but it's a nice 60s variety-hour record you can play at anytime for anyone. I got the album off iTunes so I have no idea if this download link will work, but if it doesn't, I'd say this record is worth the brief humiliating act of having iTunes' penis in your mouth.



Glacier said...

Dis is so good.

jhalal drut said...

the link is dead!
se telefonando... too late...