Oct 23, 2009

Constantines - Shine A Light

For anyone who likes their modern indie-rock with an overflowing spoonful of balls. Constantines are well regarded, but it seems that a large amount of people haven't invested the time to follow up. Which is too bad. They do so many things well, and Shine A Light is a great showcase. Based on the opener you'd think these guys would be all about tearing shit up, but instant left-turn title-track #2 is a palette cleanser for a solid mix of execution. Check it out. They tour all the time, and play a great show too.


Oct 17, 2009

Tropicalia ou Panis et Circenis

A tropicalia record called Tropicalia. This album is a combined effort from all the heavy hitters, such as Gal Costa, Caetano Veloso, Os Mutantes, Gilberto Gil, Tom Ze, and others. They are all on the cover, hanging out, holding random shit. Recommended tracks include the half-title track by Os Mutantes, and Caetano Veloso's Baby. It is crazy to think that most of these people were exiled from Brazil because of what they represent, and played. If you like Brazilian pop, you'll like this, and if you've never heard any, this is probably the best starting place.


Oct 12, 2009

Ourselves - Oneonta EP

Latest release from "A Passing Feeling" front man is a six song EP, under the "Ourselves" name. The sound ranges from clean to lo-fi across the six but all retain the same anthemic immediacy. This was released last week on ourselvescollective.com (check that site out for future free releases from solid bands).
Listen to the timeless melody of "nineties," and the energy of "knees" and "tuned," and the rawness of "revised," and oh hell, just listen to the whole thing. If you like The Thermals, and Guided By Voices, and anything good, check this out. Highly highly recommended.


Oct 8, 2009

Georgie James - Places

After Q and Not U split the drummer formed this band, Georgie James, named to sound like a crooner from long ago. The definitely not-crooner sounding album is more "pure pop for now people," even though sometimes it sounds like Billy Joel influenced pop, and by influenced I mean sounds exactly like "Piano man" (sorry "Long Week"). Regardless, some of the melodies here are pretty good. "Need Your Needs," and "More Lights," might be the best. Check this out if you like "The New Pornographers."


Oct 7, 2009

Lou Barlow and Others - Elliott Smith ATP Tribute

Lou Barlow and a bunch of others including the Minders played a special tribute set at All Tomorrow's Parties 2003 in honor of Elliott Smith who had recently passed away. It is a short set but pretty cool to hear the quiet-voiced Smith songs being belted out by the deep confidence of Barlow. "Happiness" is a particularly good one.


Oct 2, 2009

Chantal Goya - Masculin Feminin

Music from the film "Masculin Feminin," all sung by actress and real-life French pop star Chantal Goya. The six short songs contained on the album reek of the 60s but all are delivered in a semi-confident whirl that is endearing if not infectious. The shyness all over "D'Abord Dis-Moi Ton Nom" and the cash-register and fills on "Si Tu Gagnes au Flipper" make this baby-album worth revisiting.