Sep 29, 2010

Robert Pollard - Not in my Airforce

It says Robert Pollard but it might as well be another GBV fan-club release. This early boy is filled with short weird songs but somehow insanely good songs like "Quicksilver" and "Beauty Flat" snuck in. Pollard's golden period has some secret releases. This is one of them.


Sep 21, 2010

Guided By Voices - King Shit and the Golden Boys

A collection of outtakes. There are some solid gems here. Nothing so good that you can't believe it isn't on Bee Thousand or anything like that, but some winners nonetheless. You should probably just delete "Tricycle Looper" from the start though, that song bugs the shit out of me. "Indian Was An Angel," "We've Got Airplanes," "Crutch Came Slinking" and "Scissors" are all classics. If you like the scrappiness of GBV, here is a another fix.

The title comes from the line in "Don't Stop Now," which is also included here in an early version.


Sep 7, 2010

Guided By Voices - Tonic and Twisted Chasers

This "fanclub-only" release is every bit as good as a full fledged album. The songs are a little odd, and pretty lo-fi, so they might require a couple more listens than normal, but there are some solid tracks here. "Key Losers" is great, "Dayton Ohio 19-something and Five" is solid, and shows up later as a live version on the "Selective Service" EP. My favorite tracks of this collection are the three that start with "At the Farm." That one, "Unbaited Vicar of Scorched Earth" and "Optional Bases Opposed" are so goddamned good. Download this shit and listen to em.