Feb 18, 2012

Mean Jeans - Are You Serious?

Oh, hey. Sorry I've been gone. I've been thinking about putting something up here for a while, honest, but a whole lot of issues were making me second-guess this whole thing. Also the fact that since posting about Shoppers it's all I listen to, so I couldn't really think about other music. Sorry.

Anyway, I want to put up info about some cool people who write music (Laura Stevenson, Kate Ferencz, Butterscotch Stanley), but I know them well enough that I'm not sure if they'd think I was being a dick for putting their music up available for free? So I'm backing off? If you guys read this let me know if I can? Either way, people reading, you know, google those names to hear some other tunes.

But I don't know Mean Jeans. They are from Portland. I went to Portland once! Stayed at a dude's place through Couchsurfing, and he was ambassador of Couchsurfing in Portland, which is like a thing, it means you are really into Couchsurfing, so while I was there other people crashed, too -- this awesome Australian dude who recognized my Lucksmiths shirt, this girl who had been a counselor at an anarchist summer camp in Albany, some other Couchsurfing ambassadors who were in the middle of traveling. We went to a strip club and everything. And I even went to Stumptown Comics Fest and made an ass out of myself in front of Pete Bagge! Hell of a town.

The Portland aspect of these guys, though, it's an afterthought, because Mean Jeans don't sound Portlandish. They sound too fun. I mean, Portland was fun, but there was this sincere idealism underneath everything. And these guys don't sound like idealists. They sound like some fun dudes who shoot off fireworks in basements.

If you like Marked Men this is basically another Marked Men band but a little funnier and wackier, enough to detach themselves from the Reservoir Dog punk genre I invented on this site. Check it out.


PS Do you guys like noise? Grind? Fucked up stuff? I've been getting more into that type of music. I know most of this stuff is poppy and fun, but sometimes I just like to Get Dark. You know? Do you?