Nov 1, 2010

Rooftop Vigilantes - Carrot Atlas

Okay, so Guided By Voices came through Detroit last weekend so I can stop boring you with all those EPs and shit. I've got a bunch of good stuff that I've wanted to post for a while so I'll try to get them all out before Christmas.

First up is Rooftop Vigilantes from Lawrence, KS. These dudes came through Detroit a few weeks ago and played at the CAID. They play this great combination of 50's keyboard pop, raw punk and accents of screamed choruses. They also clearly don't take themselves very seriously as noted by the track titles (ex. "Oscar want 7," "Brad Shanks Tells A Joke," where Brad Shanks from Blood on the Wall tells a nonsensical thirty second joke, and "Charley No Want Girlfriend"). Hasn't left my speakers since I got it.


They tore it up when they were here, video below:

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mypropernouns said...

This is so good! Jesus.

- Tom