Nov 29, 2010

The Mice - Unreleased Album (Canterbury Bells)

I've been trying to track down the full version of this non-album for a while but I can't find it anywhere so I've just decided to post what I have. Included here are 10 cuts for the "Scooter" follow-up that never happened. I particularly like Nearly a Mile Away, Resurrection Day, Run Away, and Something Pushed. I'm not too into Music Here, which is pretty unremarkable in every way, or Phone in my Car, which is about the ridiculous notion of having a phone in your car because "you have so much to say." Bill Fox clearly didn't make any money investing in cell phone companies.

The ten cuts are supposedly accompanied by live songs, and other rarities. The live set has some classic rock covers that I didn't care too much about but there were also some mystery moments. I have managed to track down the Mice's first single (also included here with a track number of 21 so we have 10 unaccounted for songs at least) "Can You Walk on the Water Baby?," and while it pales next to their other releases it is interesting to see their entire progression as a band.

If you have a lead on the full record drop a comment. Otherwise enjoy this rare ass shit.


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Sean said...

Gotta disagree with you, my man. "Music Here" is pretty great.