May 18, 2010

The Mice - For Almost Ever Scooter

Please download this album. "The Mice" are a power pop punk band from 80s Ohio. This album is a collection of their first EP and first LP. Then they broke up.

Start at "Little Rage," (the first song on the full length) and play it on repeat. This album has blown my mind. It is exactly what I want to hear. It has a solid closer, and gets better and better on each listen.




Anonymous said...

This site's coming up as infected. Google suggests it's dangerous. And the zip files don't seem to work. Not good.

Anonymous said...

Not on my end.
No idea why it was like that for you. I checked for virus leaks and the site checks out. It's clean/

And the zips have all worked fine for me. Sometimes there is a slight problem when I unzip them but that is usually solved when I do it again.

Joseph said...

yes yes yes yes