Sep 22, 2009

Joanna Newsom - YS

Everyone's favorite big booty harp player Joanna Newsom shattered all expectations with this 5 song epic LP. Or EP according to Rolling Stone's 2 star review. "Hey I should really listen to this Ys record, but instead I think I'll write another Led Zeppelin retrospective." Not only the is album structurally daring but the arrangements within are as well. Van Dyke Parks (who also arranged one of my very favorite songs, Phil Oche's "The Crucifixion") deserves much of the credit as do Steve Albini and Jim O'Rourke, the other two members of the Ys dream team. It's about time for a follow up.



Anonymous said...

password needed?

bluntpixel said...

Interesting stuff, except I can't seem to do anything else while listening. I just bought it... before I'd even seen her butt... Cool blog man, plenty of stuff I've never heard.

Anonymous said...

muchos gracias seƱor awesome-o