Sep 8, 2008

Teenage Fanclub - White Sessions


Teenage Fanclub acoustic radio session. Mostly its singles, like Sparky's Dream, but there is also a Creedence cover of Have You Ever Seen The Rain. This band has three singers but they harmonize so well its tough to tell which is which sometimes. They often get compared to Big Star, which is a major compliment. I hope they release a full acoustic album someday, or even tour America. Its been 4 years now.


Kevin said...

Thanks for this! Nice blog.

Anonymous said...

4th best band in the world.
New album due next year.
Norman Blake recording an album with Euros Childs
Gerard Love recording a solo album
Bith have contributed to the recent (wonderfull) Pastels collaberation with Japanese Popsters "The Tenniscoats)
and both have contributed to the upcoming Pastels album proper.
Oh and Teenage Fanclub recently backed Edwyn Collins (Orange Juice) in a triumphant low key gig in Glasgow.
All happening in the Fanclub world, which is always good news.