Sep 8, 2008

Boson Spaceships- Brown Submarine


*Request* for my new co-blog owner Glacier.

The Boston Spaceships are a new Robert Pollard side project. I haven't listened to it a ton but a friend of mine says its cool.

Apparently this is where the name cam from:

"Let me tell you the story of the name Boston Spaceships.

On a sunny afternoon back in '02 or '03 when GbV came to Amsterdam my mate and I went to the city to hang out and have a beer or two. We ran into Bob and his girlfriend in a recordstore near Paradiso and talked music. Bob knew all the old Dutch beat bands, weird.

When we discussed ugly artwork my mate said: 'how about those Boston Spaceships?'. Bob laughed out loud and had his girlfriend take a note. We laughed out loud when we saw Bob use it as one of the bogus band names on Suitcase 1. On a dreadful song by the way.

And now it seems the Boston Spaceships is coming to live as Bob's next real performing rockgroup. How cool is that. I wonder what it will sound like, it seems they're touring the US only so far."

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