Aug 18, 2011

That Dog. - Totally Crushed Out!

What is the etiquette on blogging about records that have already been blogged about by other blogs. Someone should write a "Gentleman's Guide to Music Blogs," though I'm not sure how many of the people blogging about music are actually gentlemen. I imagine most of them as overweight men married with children who still wear Those Glasses even though they don't really complement fat-old-man face as well as skinny young college kid face.

But enough about our miserable futures. This is a great 90s girl group cut in the same vein as Juliana Hatfield or Elastica. There's a classy smattering of strings throughout the record (opener "Ms. Wrong," "She Doesn't Know How"), two sad acoustic songs that sound like Rivers Cuomo could've sung em and plopped em onto Pinkerton, and a bunch of rocking songs in between.

Hey, is it cicada season? What the fuck.


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