May 12, 2011

Let Me Crazy - Contraflow

Huntington, New York (thanks, Chris!) rock and roll band writes an incredible record about time spent in New Orleans and how it sucks to live in a hurricane. Has that blue-collar punk rock vibe. Good God/Bad God transitioning into the next track, Birdbath, is the way all midpoints of records should sound. Like, if this was on vinyl, it'd be like Birdbath ends, Side A ends, you go, "Fuck," and the silent period where you flip the record over is your own little intermission, let's you get excited about what's going to happen next.



Let Me said...

Actually, we're from Huntington, New York, but I lived in New Orleans during the Hurricane. Side 2 begins with "Test Empress." Thanks For Listening!

- Chris Me Crazy

mypropernouns said...

Oh, that explains it. I was trying to find band location and just gave up and guessed.

Huntington! I'm from Commack!