Jun 25, 2009

Like Flies on Sherbert - Alex Chilton

A diamond. Alex Chilton went insane and recorded this taboo sort of record where people sing off key, guitars are out of tune and the drums are fuzzy as shit. He starts early on a few tracks and the drums finish late on a couple, and other mistakes abound that only add to the charm.
It's like I went over to Alex Chilton's house when he wasn't home and found a box of tapes under his bed. Even though there are write-ups about this record all over the internet I still feel like its a secret. A warm, lo-fi epic that drank too much.
Listen to the title track and the first five seconds to "My Rival" to get right in.


1 comment:

Connor said...

This is seriously one of the sloppiest, goofiest, and raddest albums I have ever listened to. It's so good.