Nov 4, 2008

Phil Ochs- Pleasures of the Harbor


A really great album from Phil Ochs post protest singer career. "The Crucifixion" is an amazing song.

"I just can't keep up with Phil. And he's getting better and better and better."- Bob Dylan

*Glacier's Note: One of my favorite albums of all time. I was amazed when I first heard it because its from 1967 by a folk singer and there is absolutely no guitar on the entire album. Also, as Panda says, the Crucifixion is an amazing song. It was produced by Joseph Bird of the United States of America, and features mind-bending orchestration. The lyrics are also stunning. There is internal rhyme, alliteration, and consonance in nearly every line, and the subject matter is historical, political and pretty. Check out the album if only for the closing track. But the rest is good too.


Gunferty. said...

Thanks. Do you have any others by him?

ululator said...

Thanks! My old vinyl LP isn't playable any more.

Anonymous said...

Do you have the liner notes on back of LP cover? Or where I can find them?